Homophobic Leaflets Target Kent Gay Pride Parade

There has been an uproar after it became known that homophobic leaflets were being distributed just days before the gay Pride event in Kent.

The leaflet, which was distributed to homes in Margate said this: “Save yourself and your children from homosexuality. Margate stays proud and will never be MarGAYte!”

Vikki Childs, who is the chairwoman of Kent Pride, had this to say while speaking to The Independent: “In this day and age, things like that are just unacceptable. It’s 2015, there’s no room for discrimination against people for anything, regardless of their gender or their race or their sexuality. Any phobia of any sort is just ridiculous.”

The event is taking place on August 29, and Vikki reassured everyone that the leaflets would have no effect on the event: “It’s not going to stop us. Some idiot putting a leaflet through the door is not going to stop us existing. It’s not going to stop people attending the event, it’s not going to stop people like me living in the area. They’re so brave that they haven’t even put a name or a logo on the leaflet,” she said, adding that the event had received a lot of support from people outside the local LGBT community.”


Naturally, the homophobic leaflets have drawn a lot of criticism;