Homophobic Russian Politician Vitaly Milonov Wants to Ban Topless Walks

Vitaly Milonov, a Russian politician and Member of the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg is fairly infamous with his homophobic legislation, but now wants to ban shirtless men.

A member of the Russian Orthodox Church, Milonov proposes a bill that will impose fines for ‘nudity or unethical attire’ if the person is in a public place.

Women are also included in the ban, which reads as “either absence of clothes or nudity of either upper or lower parts of the body.”

Although the ban will apparently only be applicable outside of beaches and “zones of public recreation.”

If an individual violates the bill, you will be punished with an administrative fine between 1,000 and 3,000 rubies, which equates to about $20 or $30 US dollars.

Despite Vitaly Milonov being only a local politician, he has become fairly notorious for his anti-gay stances, including his proposal to ban gay parades, shows and clubs and also to remove any and all social media pages owned by homosexuals.

Last year, he also wanted to ban all Apple products from Russia, because the companies CEO, Tim Cook, is gay.

In 2013 Molonov had an interview with Stephen Fry, a well known gay celebrity film star and activist, in which Fry confronted Vitaly over Russia’s decision to ban “gay propaganda”.