Homophobic Russian Politician Vitaliy Milonov Wants to Ban Game of Thrones

Vitaliy Milonov of the St. Petersburg city legislature has called for Russia to ban the television series of Game of Thrones to defend the countries “traditional values.”

Milonov is a Russia pro-christian politician and is well known for his homophobic legislation, and earlier this month proposed a bill to impose fines for “nudity or unethical attire,” effectively banning shirtless men.

“We can see that the Internet and television have assumed a leading function in education, replacing or ousting altogether traditional methods of education and upbringing of the young generation. Denying the fact or pretending that nothing of the kind is going on is a short-sighted position,” Milonov told TASS.

“They are infusing all quality works with certain ideological content. This content is not crucial for the main idea of the work, because this would make it too direct, but still they demonstrate that the ideas that had once been inadmissible are now normal.”

Vitalily also believes that “practically any product of culture, which is brought to us from the West, advocates values which provoke the formation of a certain paradigm of views on politics and reality.”

“Every tenth character [in Game of Thrones] is a sexual deviant,” Milonov was quoted as saying by the Russian daily Izvestia. “Through such works and their popularizing, a new matrix is being inserted in our consciousness, according to which things like that are normal.”

There are certain differences between the books and TV series of Game of Thrones, with additional characters in the books (including Cersei) are shown to have same-sex relations.

Via Hollywood Reporter