Italy Could Get Gay Civil Unions This Week

Italy is the last major western country to not have same-sex marriage or civil unions, but all that could change this week.

This could happen as Italy’s gay civil unions bill is entering it’s final debate, and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has pledged to push it through with a confidence vote. However, it may not be that simple as there are over 300 amendments to debate, and Republican politicians are hoping to delay the bill as much as they can.

Renzi seems confident that this will not be an issue, however, as he has promised to call a confidence vote on Thursday so the bill can be pushed through without further delay. Only time will tell if things go the way the Prime Minister wishes, as protests from opposition have already successfully gotten a section removed that would have allowed same-sex couples to adopt a partner’s biological child.

They have also pushed the removal of a section that required the need for faithfulness and fidelity. Apparently, this was down to worries that this would make gay civil unions too “similar to marriage”.

So not only does this mean we probably won’t be seeing full fledged marriage equality in Italy any time soon, same-sex couples can now not use adultery as a reason to dissolve their civil union. Still, despite the disappointing amendments to the bill, this would still be a huge step forward for the country.

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Italy Could Get Gay Civil Unions This Week
Article Name
Italy Could Get Gay Civil Unions This Week
Italy could finally join the modern age with gay civil unions this week.