Italy Officially Gets Gay Civil Unions!

The other day, we discussed how Italy might be getting gay civil unions this week in a big first step for equality in the country.

Now, it has officially been voted in as Italian MPs passed the law allowing same-sex civil unions, with a vote of 369-193. While this is not full fledged marriage equality, it is huge step for Italy who have spent years debating even civil unions for same-sex couples.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi posted on his Facebook page, saying: “Today is a day of celebration for so many people. We are writing another important page of the Italy we want.”

While this is a huge step forward for Italy, a couple of things were disappointingly removed from the bill before it passed. One would have allowed same-sex couples to adopt a partner’s biological child, and the other got rid of the need for faithfulness,  essentially meaning adultery will not be enough to dissolve a civil union.

Advocacy director for LGBT rights at Human Rights Watch, Boris Dittrich, had this to say: “The approval of the civil union law is a milestone in the struggle toward legal recognition for same sex-couples in Italy. But restrictive adoption provisions for same-sex couples deny some children the legal protection and security they deserve.”

Gabriele Piazzino, national secretary of Italian LGBT organisation Arcigay, said that the bill was a “glass half full” situation, thanks to the removal of the adoption in particular.

“The text contains the recognition and protection many gays and lesbians have been waiting for all their lives… [but] everything this law has failed to guarantee leaves a bitter taste.”

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Italy Officially Gets Gay Civil Unions!
Article Name
Italy Officially Gets Gay Civil Unions!
Italy now has gay civil unions, as MPs have passed the bill allowing same-sex unions.