Jennifer Lawrence Responds To Criticism of “Slutty Power Lesbian” Comment

Jennifer Lawrence is well known for her tongue in cheek humour. When asked about her style in a recent interview, Jennifer described herself as a “slutty power lesbian”.

Despite the fact that her humour is well known, and support from celebrities such as Ruby Rose, some people took her comments poorly.

Now, Jennifer has responded to those criticisms, and made a fairly strong point that her statement is not something to be offended by.

She touched on this in an after just after the Golden Globes, saying: “Can I just say, do you know that offended people? I was like, I’m sorry, but slutty people exist. Thank god. Lesbians are real. And powerful lesbians are real. How on earth could that be offensive? You being offended is almost offensive. Why can’t power lesbians be slutty? Why would that be an offensive thing? I think it’s awesome.”

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Jennifer Lawrence Responds To Criticism of
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Jennifer Lawrence Responds To Criticism of
Jennifer Lawrence has responded to criticism of her "slutty power lesbian" comment.