Jennifer Lawrence To Star In Marita

Jennifer Lawrence has been a busy bee as of late, just when she is Oscar nominated for her role in Joy, she has been confirmed to star in upcoming movie Marita.

Marita is a based-on-real-life tale based on Marita Lorenz who had an affair with former Cuban leader Fidel Castro in 1959, when she was just 19. After she fell pregnant and had an abortion, she left Cuba and and joined an anti-communist movement in the US.  Marita was then recruited by the CIA as someone who could potentially assassinate Castro, although this plan never went through.

Marina’s colourful life didn’t end there, though. She also had an affair with a Venezuelan dictator, claimed she was involved with JFK’s assassination and spied on diplomats for the FBI.

As for who will be handling the script, it’s being taken on by Eric Warren Singer, who co-write American Hustle. Sadly, there’s no director attached yet, and as far as I know only Jennifer has been confirmed for the film. So, it’ll be a while before we see this on screens.

It sounds like it will, at the very least, be an interesting tale.

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Jennifer Lawrence To Star In Marita
Article Name
Jennifer Lawrence To Star In Marita
Jennifer Lawrence is set to star in Marita, a movie based on the life of Marita Lorenz.