Jessica Jones Star Responds To Hellcat Rumors

Jessica Jones star Rachel Taylor, who played the role of Trish Walker, has recently spoken on rumors regarding her character.

Fans of the original comic will known that Trish (known as Patricia in the comics) eventually becomes Hellcat, a hero who has an ability enhancing jumpsuit and martial arts skills.

As anyone who watched Jessica Jones season one will know, Trish already practices krav maga, and shows a definite appetite for heroics.

When talking on the rumors of Hellcat in Jessica Jones season two with Comic Book Resources, Rachel said: “I try not to get ahead of myself and think about it too much, because it’s easy to get carried away and think about things.”

“I already feel like I have more than my share, in a way, being on Netflix, being in the Marvel Universe, being in this show that has resonated so deeply with people. But of course, I mean, it would be amazing. … To take it that one step further is something that, yeah, I’d love to get my teeth stuck into whatever happens to the character.”

“I think all of the characters have an alias in this series. They have an ‘also known as,’ or a shadow personality. I think for Trish, part of her shadow personality is that there’s a certain covetous part of her. I think she covets some of the things that Jessica has. I think there is an unholy ambition that sits just under the surface. She declares it in the show.”

“Jessica says, ‘What else could you possibly want Trish?’ And Trish says, ‘Well, to save the world, of course.’ Which is kind of a very unusual thing for a character to say. I do think there’s a part of her that would love to make it right in the way that she thinks Jessica could make it right if she was just to overcome her dysfunctions and put down the bottle.”

Check out the full interview here.

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Jessica Jones Star Responds To Hellcat Rumors
Article Name
Jessica Jones Star Responds To Hellcat Rumors
Rachel Taylor, AKA Trish Walker in Jessica Jones, has responded to the Hellcat rumors.