Jim Parsons Reveals It Was “A Wonderful Thing” To Be Outed During An Interview

Actor Jim Parsons revealed it was “a wonderful thing” to be outed during a 2012 interview with the New York Times.

Best known for his portrayal of the beloved Big Bang Theory character Sheldon Cooper, Jim Parsons revealed he wasn’t living a closeted life, but he also had not publically addressed his sexuality, despite a mass of Hollywood rumours hinting he might be gay.

During the New York Times interview for the 2012 revival of The Normal Heart Parsons was asked if portraying Ned, a character claiming his gay identity and coming out had been “valuable” to him, and if it was “important for people to out?”

“Well, yeah, oh God yes,” responded Parsons. The freer one feels about who they are, you know, in all aspects. But the more comfortable with who they are, just every hour of life is easier. What’s hard, and this has always been hard, has been trying to say what’s best for somebody specifically. It’s amazing to me that Larry was able to put voice to the fight of “everyone must come out” on Ned’s end and he is also the man who wrote Bruce’s side, which is that, it is not for you to identify other people. My hope is that the progress that is going on and the way the world is going, we’re going to a time where it won’t even be a topic.

“Who you are or not, as far as sexuality goes, will not even be any more interesting than anything else about sex is, which is always obviously going to be somewhat interesting. [Laughs.] But I don’t think it’s all the way there yet. I have tried to live as organically and as honest to myself as I can. By the same token, I have never desired to have a cover story about “let’s talk about my sexuality.”

Jim Parsons portraying Sheldon Cooper

Jim Parsons portraying Sheldon Cooper

“My hope was that it would always just be a part of who I am, the same way that I don’t cook a lot is just a part of who I am. I’m very fortunate that it sort of turned out that way for me. But again it goes back to the people and the story that we’re talking about in The Normal Heart. That’s what paved the road for that to be possible.”

“I never had a coming out piece, I just didn’t mention it,” Parsons said during the interview with James Lipton. “I took Todd with me to events…and then finally one day while working on Harvey I did a piece with Patrick Healy for The New York Times and he just point-blank asked, ‘Was working on The Normal Heart meaningful to you as a gay man?’ And I was like, ‘Well, yeah. Yeah.’ And what a wonderful…I can’t tell you what a wonderful thing that was, what a gift he gave me with one question. It was suddenly out there and official.”

Parsons has been together with his partner, art director Todd Spiewak since 2002, he was quoted as calling their relationship “”an act of love, coffee in the morning, going to work, washing the clothes, taking the dogs out—a regular life, boring love”