Joey Fatone Is Coming Out In Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

The mega-hit, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which came out in 2002 and beat all types of movie records is finally seeing a sequel. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, which is coming to theaters next week, features Joey Fatone once again playing Anthony, one of Toula’s crazy family members.

This time, however, Fatone, gets to take on a more serious role, when he revealed that Anthony comes out in the second film. When he took the job for the second time, people asked him if he had read the script. He immediately got concerned that his character was getting killed off but was pleasantly surprised when he found out that Anthony was simply gay.

He complemented Nia Vardalos, the writer and actress who brings Toula to life, for this opportunity. “It was quite an honor for Nia to give me something like that, because not many people see the non-comedy side of me,” said Fatone. “To have to deliver something like that – telling your parents you are gay – it’s a tough thing.”

He continued by making a reference to a close gay friend, who we can only assume is bandmate Lance Bass. “It was an exciting thing to do and it’s from life experience – one of my best friends, him coming out…”

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Article Name
Joey Fatone Is Coming Out In Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
Joey Fatone reveals that his My Big Fat Greek Wedding character is gay.