Julianne Moore Reflects On Ellen Page’s Coming Out

As you probably know, Julianne Moore co-starred with Ellen Page in their recent film Freeheld. Ellen herself also recently spoke about her decision to come out, and it seems her co-star definitely noticed the strain of being closeted had on Ellen.

If you watch the interview I linked above, you definitely get the feeling that Julianne and Ellen worked well together, and of course while Julianne herself isn’t gay, she has played many roles over the years and is probably sensitive to the struggle Ellen was feeling.

When speaking in an interview with Marie Claire, Julianne said: “Ellen was miserable. She talked to me very frankly about her own experience—what it felt like, about the nature of the discomfort.”

“A lot of people I know came out a long time ago. None of my friends were celebrities when they came out; they were college students. So here I was talking to this very young woman, who had recently come out, about experiences that were very, very fresh, so it was a different kind of conversation.”

The actress also reflected on the devastation of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, when she was a young unknown actress.

“I was 23 years old, and people started dying. The first person I knew went away to Mexico on vacation, came home and died—he said he had the Mexican flu. People just kept dying. And these were my friends. It was happening in the actor community, and it was devastating. So I think that made me politically aware.”

The problems of Hollywood have very much been in the limelight as of late, and the seasoned actress is of course sensitive to them.

Talking on this, she said: “It’s very difficult to find parts, no matter how old you are, no matter where you are and whether you’re a man or a woman. The movie industry is not in the business of finding good roles for actors or actresses; it is in the business of creating films that will make as much money as possible.”

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Julianne Moore Reflects On Ellen Page's Coming Out
Article Name
Julianne Moore Reflects On Ellen Page's Coming Out
Julianne Moore reflected on, among other things, Freeheld co-star Ellen Page's coming out.