Jurassic World Is Now The Third Highest Grossing Film In History

Jurassic World has raked in an insane amount, and is now the third highest grossing film in history, falling in just behind Titanic and Avatar.

The film, which I only got around to watching quite recently and very much enjoyed, has so far made about $1.52 billion, pushing past the mighty Avengers. It’s important to remember that Jurassic World is still in cinemas, and also this is not counting any future DVD or Bluray sales.

It has grossed $614.3 million at the domestic box office, and is now the fourth film in North American history to break that $600 million mark. In the foreign box office, it has generated $907.3 million.

Another thing which is also important to consider – Jurassic World has not aired yet in Japan, as it does not release there until August 5. However, the US, EU and China are the biggest markets for the film, so it will probably not topple either Avatar or Titanic from their pedestal as they made $2.79 billion and $2.18 billion respectively.