Karachi Bus Attack Suspect Reportedly Wanted To Purge Pakistan Of Gays

Pakistani police have released what they are saying is the statement of the suspect behind the Karachi bus attack, which took 46 lives. Most of the victims were Ismaili Shia Muslims, leading many to believe it was a sectarian attack.

However, according to the statement which was apparently from main suspect Saad Aziz, they also intended to murder public figures that they suspected of being gay.

He allegedly said, while under interrogation: “Deep neck, skirts, mini-skirts, sleeveless dresses are promoting obscenity in the country and fashion designers are setting up [a] foundation for an obscene and vulgar Pakistan. By killing the selected ones we wanted to make them a lesson for others who are bent upon making Pakistan a vulgar and obscene country and like the West, in most parts of which the homosexuality has been legalized.”

Apparently, the gunmen had a “hit list” with them, which contained the names of of almost a dozen TV personalities and fashion designers that they had planned to assassinate.


A police source has allegedly said, while allegedly speaking to the Frontier Post: “The hit-list has enlisted artists who, Saad Aziz and his fellow perceived, were gays and working for spreading it in Pakistani society.”

Apparently, Aziz believes that the US government is attempting to “spread homosexuality” in Pakistan, because the US Embassy in Islamabad hosted an event for LGBTQ+ people back in 2011.

The militant group Jundallah have claimed responsibility for the attack.