Katheryn Winnick Confirmed For The Dark Tower | Who Will She Play?

For fans of Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower series, the movie has been a comedy of errors so far. It has been confirmed, then dropped, then picked up again multiple times over.

But after years of the Dark Tower existing in movie limbo, it’s finally happening this time. We’ve had several confirmations of high level actors attached to the project, which is allegedly due out in 2017.

The most controversial of which is, of course, Idris Elba as Roland Deschain. We also have odd character confirmations that leave even the timeline of the movie as a huge question mark. The main source of this question mark are Jackie Earle Haley as Sayre, Fran Kranz as Pimli, and Abbey Lee as a character purportedly called Tirana.

Book readers will know that Sayre and Pimli especially are not present in the books until very late on (book five for Sayre and book seven for Pimli), which is naturally leaving fans confused as to when the story of the movie will take place.

What I would have said would make the most sense is to start from the second book, The Drawing of the Three, and have flashbacks filling in the gaps for key events in the first book, The Gunslinger. But the presence of these late game characters are leaving me, and other Dark Tower fans, very perplexed indeed.

Now another spanner has been thrown into the works in the form of Katheryn Winnick, best known for her fantastic turn as Lagertha in Vikings. Katheryn is a great actress with some serious martial arts chops, so her presence is certainly encouraging.

Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha.

Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha.

Sony are keeping their mouths shut for the moment on who she will be playing, but there are a few possibilities.

The first is the role of Alice, a blonde bartender who is in the very strange town of Tull. While this character is only in book one, she is an important figure to Roland, if only for a short time.

The second is Laurie Chambers, mother to Jake Chambers (played by Tom Taylor). I don’t think this is very likely. Laurie is of course a key figure in Jake’s life before he truly joins Roland’s quest for the Dark Tower, but she appears in a fairly small segment of book three. I don’t see them using a talent like Katheryn for such a bit part.

Susan Delgado. This is the name I have seen brought up most often in connection to Katheryn’s role, and while it’s certainly possible, I would say that she is just wrong for the character of Susan. Susan is, in my opinion, one of the weakest characters in the series. Putting Katheryn, best known for strong, fierce and intelligent Lagertha in the role of whiny, stubborn and headstrong Susan just seems like a very strange fit. But I have to admit this is a possibility.

Rhea of the Coos. Hear me out on this! Clearly the guys behind the Dark Tower adaptation are not afraid to make drastic changes from the source material, as we’ve seen with the inclusion of late game characters and the casting of Idris Elba as Roland. So it is very possible they will change Rhea from an old, withered hag to a beautiful woman. If this change was made, I could see Katheryn rocking it.

And lastly is a deeply cynical, but very possible option. With the change in race for Roland, it’s definitely possible that she will be Susannah Dean. This is a very cynical thing to consider, but it is possible. I really, really hope not. Race is key to Susannah’s character, and changing that would completely destroy her. So let’s all pray to Gan that this isn’t the one.

With a series as huge and spanning as the Dark Tower, the possibilites are literally endless. But those are the most likely contenders in my opinion. But, do feel free to let me know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

Katheryn Winnick, or Lagertha from Vikings, has been confirmed for The Dark Tower movie. But who will she play?