Kevin Swanson Claims God Will Destroy UK Over LGBT Conference

Something that always pops up at Christmas time is a lovely collection of nuts.  Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts… and now, right wing nuts.

US pastor Kevin Swanson, the charming individual who hosted an anti-gay rally earlier this month, has been at it again on his radio show Generations Radio.

The extremist pastor began by complaining about Salt Lake City’s new lesbian mayor: “You see the tip of the iceberg, the other 95 percent is under the water… that’s where you find the child molestations.”

He then moved on to how outgoing Mayor of Salt Lake City Ralph Becker is due to speak at the Economist’s Pride and Prejudice conference, which is taking place in London and New York next year.

“Sure enough, the bastion of conservatism is the place at which the future of this nation is being eroded in the most fundamental sense. The one conference they will promote in 2016 is all about homosexuality.”

“Sometimes they’re a little more conservative in terms of economic policy, but they want to be that edgy, progressive organization that promotes homosexuality in the business world, and the very thing that will destroy nations.”

“People don’t believe that, that homosexuality will be the catalyst by which nations are destroyed, because they don’t believe that God exists and they don’t believe God is judge and they don’t believe that God has the right to determine right and wrong, good and evil as he does in the word of God.”

You can listen to his… ravings below. But remember the popcorn. Have you followed us on Facebook and Twitter?

Article Name
Kevin Swanson Claims God Will Destroy UK Over LGBT Conference
US pastor Kevin Swanson has made the bold claim that God will destroy the UK over an LGBT conference.