Kim Davis Appeals Jail Ruling

We all know how Kim Davis, who has refused repeatedly to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, finally ran out of courts to appeal to and was jailed on Contempt charges.

Apparently, Davis has been given a few offers that would get herself out of jail, but she has refused. These include issuing licenses herself to even just allowing her deputies without her interfering and stopping them.

That, apparently, isn’t good enough as she is now appealing the ruling that landed her in prison in the first place. She has been in jail since Thursday for refusing to follow the law, due to her opposition of same-sex marriage.

Her lawyer, Matt Steaver, said on Sunday: “While most Americans are enjoying the extended holiday weekend with family and friends, Kim Davis sits in isolation for the fourth day in jail.¬†We are working through the holiday to secure Kim’s freedom.”

It seems unlikely that this appeal will be successful, since not only did none of her previous appeals succeed, US. District Judge David Bunning has said she will remain in prison until she complies.

Apparently, a compromise Davis’ lawyer is seeking is a change in the law where a clerk can issue licenses without their name on them. If that were to happen, apparently Davis would comply.

Her current husband, Joe Davis, had this to say: “As long as it takes. Hopefully (Kentucky Gov. Steve) Beshear will have the guts to do his job.”

Legislature removing clerks’ names from licenses could pass, but it won’t be in session until January and Beshear has no intention of holding a special session on the issue.