Kim Davis Loses Yet Again In Federal Court

Kim Davis has lost yet another appeal, as a federal appeals court denied her request to be exempt from a direct order to follow the law regarding same-sex marriage.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit said in it’s ruling: “Davis has not demonstrated a substantial likelihood of success on her federal constitutional claims.”

Kim Davis’ multiple appeals do make this situation a little muddled, so let’s clear things up a little. This dispute is separate from the legal challenge to the August court order ordering her to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and stems from a countersuit she filed against Governor Steve Beshear. Kim is essentially arguing that Governor Beshear is partly responsible for her current troubles in court.

Her lawyers filed documents while Davis was still in jail, saying that Beshear failed “to take elementary steps to accommodate Davis’ undisputed, sincerely-held religious beliefs about marriage. As a prisoner of her conscience, Davis continues to request a simple accommodation and exemption from Gov. Beshear, who is overseeing Kentucky marriage policy.”

Her legal team currently has at least three legal appeals pending in the 6th Circuit, one involving the previously mentioned lawsuit against Beshear, another challenging the ruling that landed her in jail for contempt of court and one against the August ruling that I previously mentioned.