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We recently chatted with Mike Savvas, Clinical Lead of King’s Hewitt Fertility about why LGBT couples should choose them. Now, here’s a look at the facts on this UK based fertility centre.

Established in 1983, King’s Hewitt Fertility Centre was one of the first fertility services in the UK to offer treatment to help members of the LGBT community have families and is very proud to have been pioneers in this field.

Why choose us?

We treat both NHS and private patients and have great success rates. We offer a combination of time-lapse technology (Embryoscope), Embryoglue and Blastocyst Transfer as part of your treatment. This makes a real difference to your chance of becoming pregnant and we are the only centre in London to do this at no extra cost.

In 2015 we began an exciting new partnership with the Hewitt Fertility Centre, Liverpool. The Hewitt Liverpool was the first centre in Europe to offer time-lapse technology (Embryoscope) to all patients, including people treated on the NHS, at no extra cost. This approach led to some of the best IVF pregnancy rates in Europe and we are proud to now offer this same treatment at King’s Hewitt Fertility Centre, London. It has helped us, in a short period of time, to produce success rates that are comparable with the very best in the UK.

But this is just the start. Every day we are improving your chance of a successful pregnancy, because we invest in the latest evidence-based technology and our clinicians are some of the very best in the country.


Our purpose-built centre offers a range of treatments and advice, from IVF to counselling.

In early 2016 we are moving our consultation and diagnostics to the Fetal Medicine Institute in Denmark Hill, just a few hundred yards from our main treatment site. This state-of-the-art centre has the very latest facilities and is a bright, modern and welcoming setting for you to start your fertility treatment.

Donor options

We have a range of donor options including donor sperm and donor eggs. Our highly experienced and compassionate doctors, nurses and counsellors will support you in making decisions about your treatment that you are comfortable with.

Single Women

Treatment for single women may include intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). Before treatment, you will have some diagnostic tests and a consultation with one of our doctors, to assess the likelihood of you conceiving. We will then advise which treatment will give you the best chance of a successful pregnancy.

Lesbian couples

We offer female couples a range of options. Following your clinical assessment we can provide you with the relevant information and support to enable you to decide which partner to select eggs from and to make a decision about which partner will carry your pregnancy.

We offer donor sperm treatment, and, if there is a problem with using your eggs, you can also have IVF treatment using donor eggs.

Male couples

Male couples can start a family with donor eggs, their own sperm and a surrogate to carry the pregnancy. The chances of a successful pregnancy depend on reproductive health of the surrogate.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to have a baby.

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