Kristen Stewart Speaks On Her Sexuality – “Google Me, I’m Not Hiding”

Even though Kristen has been in the limelight most of her life (her first role was back in 2001), she has never been interested in the limelight. She just wants to be an actress.

So, in a break from her usual rule she discussed her sexuality with Nylon, while promoting her latest film American Ultra. This has been the topic of some discussion, most notably was when UK publication The Mirror made claims that Kristen’s mother outed her, which you can read here.

Now, Kristen has spoken out about the topic herself – kind of. It’s not exactly a big reveal, but for someone who is so notoriously secretive, this is probably the closest we will get to official confirmation.

When Kristen was asked if she had any “big pronouncements about her sexuality”, her response was to the point: “Google me, I’m not hiding.”

For thsoe of you who keep up with this sort of thing, you probably know that she is most likely referring  to her outings last year with Alicia Cargile. While at the time many claimed the two were just “gal pals”, the images speak for themselves.



But, while Kristen herself will probably never make some big proclamation, she has no problem with those who choose to come out publicly: “If you feel like you really want to define yourself, and you have the ability to articulate those parameters and that in itself defines you, then do it. But I am an actress, man. I live in the fucking ambiguity of this life and I love it. I don’t feel like it would be true for me to be like, ‘I’m coming out!’ No, I do a job.

Until I decide that I’m starting a foundation or that I have some perspective or opinion that other people should be receiving…I don’t. I’m just a kid making movies. I think in three or four years, there are going to be a whole lot more people who don’t think it’s necessary to figure out if you’re gay or straight. It’s like, just do your thing.”


Thanks, Nylon.