LA Pride Arrest– Ex-Boyfriend Claims Howell Is Gay

Yesterday we reported on an Indiana man who was allegedly on his way to the LA Pride festival with several guns and other dangerous items.  James Wesley Howell was arrested after he was found to have three assault rifles, ammunition, and potential explosive devices in his car while he was on his way to Los Angeles for a Pride festival.  Many had concerns over his intentions and whether or not he was looking to engage in a deadly hate crime.  Now, it is being reported that Howell may, in fact, actually be gay himself.

An ex-boyfriend of Howell’s has spoken to the press and has said: “(Howell) didn’t like anybody to know about it” and that they met through a dating app but the relationship did not last long.  Howell’s ‘ex’ further explained that “After things went bad, that’s when (Howell) started getting violent with me… it didn’t surprise me.  It didn’t surprise me at all (that Howell was arrested)… I don’t know why he had so many (guns).  He didn’t hunt.  He just had them.”

An interesting twist for sure… We will keep you updated on this story.

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Article Name
LA Pride Arrest-- Ex-Boyfriend Claims Howell Is Gay
James Wesley Howell was arrested on his way to LA Pride looking to engage in a hate crime; however, Howell may be gay himself.