Laverne Cox Declares “State of Emergency” Over Murders Of Trans Women

We all know that the rate of transgender murders is horrifying, and now Laverne Cox has spoken out to declare a “state of emergency”.

As you all know by now, seventeen transgender women have been killed so far this year, and fifteen of them were women of colour. Justin Shaw, who is executive director of anti-violence project in Kansas had this to say: “The murder of transwomen, particularly transwomen of colour, is a real epidemic facing our nation. We demand immediate attention on both local and national levels to end this violence.”

Laverne Cox, who has gained popularity due to her role in Orange is the New Black spoke to Good Morning America, saying: “We in the transgender community right now are reeling. Yesterday we found out another transgender woman was murdered and that makes the total 17 known transgender women have been murdered in 2015 alone. It really is a state of emergency.

“Your life should not be in danger simply for being who you are. I think the reasons why trans women experience so much violence has to do with employment, housing, health care etc., so we need to make sure that trans lives matter.”


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