Lea DeLaria Talks Her Role As Big Boo In Orange Is The New Black

Lea DeLaria has been on the scene for a long time, but I think a lot of people know her because of her role as Big Boo in Orange is the New Black.

Now, in an interviwe with Curve, she has discussed her role in the series and Big Boo’s character.

Curve: What about this role, though—did you find the part, or did the part find you?

Lea: The part found me, because there wasn’t really a Big Boo in the show. They wrote the part for me. Jenji [Kohan] felt that I was everything that she needed the show to be, but they didn’t have a character in this show that was me. They took a very small character that wasn’t really going to be in it at all and extended it and wrote it for me, and now I’m a regular.

Curve: In what ways are you most like Big Boo?

Lea: Big Boo is me, are you kidding? They’re writing her for me. I think it’s one of the reasons why people think she’s so great—anything that Big Boo says could easily come out of Lea’s mouth.

Curve: How do you think that OITNB has changed people’s perception of you?

Lea: It’s the No.1 television show in the world, it has over 50 billion viewers worldwide, that’s the biggest difference: It doesn’t matter where I go or what I’m doing—if I stand still for 30 seconds, people are going to ask to have their picture taken with me. They want to talk about Orange, they want to shake my hand. That’s amazing. How has that changed things for me? I live in Bushwick, in Brooklyn, it’s a total Hispanic ghetto. What happens to me now is, teenage Latinos chase me down the street to get their picture taken with me. It’s amazing. An entire teenage male Latino softball team chased me down Knickerbocker to get their photo taken with me. In the past, if teenage boys were chasing me, I was gonna run—you know what I mean, honey?

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