Lesbian Couple Found Guilty Of Faking A Hate Crime

According to a report from New Now Next, a lesbian couple has been found guilty of faking a hate crime.

Apparently, the couple spray painted the word “queer” on their home, before burning it the ground in an attempt to get their hands on  $276,000 in insurance money.

When they fire occurred back in 2010, Carol Ann and Laura Stutte were trying to lay the blame for the crime on their neighbour, Janice Millsaps. They also made claims that she “repeatedly threatened” their lives, threatened to burn their house down and told them: “do you know what is better than one dead queer? Two dead queers.”

At the time of the fire, Laura went on record saying: “We know who wrote those threats. Anyone who could go so far as to paint those hateful letters and burn someone else’s house down, they really are disturbed.”

Janice was later asked to do a polygraph test by the insurance company, which she passed. Naturally, the couple will not be receiving any of their insurance money but they have yet to be charged with arson.


The only thing that seems off, is that the polygraph seems to be the main backbone of the insurance company’s reason for not paying out. Perhaps there was other evidence, but if so it has not beeen reported. Not only are polygraphs notoriously unreliable, they are inadmissible in court in the state of Tennessee. The source for that claim can be found here.

You can read the original report here.