Lesbian couple from Iran marry in Stockholm

A lesbian couple from Iran have been married at Stockholm Pride.

Sahar Mosleh, who suffers from brittle bones, and Maryam Iranfar — who are expecting their first child — were married in a ceremony conducted by an openly gay imam.
The couple met online nine years ago.

Maryam said: " We live in a world where Islamophobic xenophobia increases. It is clear then, and seems like a great recognition that our love will be blessed in public by a imam."
In Iran they could be punished by 100 lashes for being lesbians.

The imam, Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed, who lives in South Africa, said: "I am very grateful for this beautiful union and to be able to give my blessing to this happy couple.

"I'm glad that this is a happy couple that now form family after many years of struggle.

"It's a long journey to leave your homeland, come to a foreign country and manage to form a new life together".