Lesbian Couple Kiss Outside Office Of Politician Who Claimed Australians Aren’t Ready For Marriage Equality

You might have seen the comments from Forrest MHR and Coalition Whip Nola Marino last week, who made it very clear that she was not only against same-sex marriage, but also claimed that her constituents are not ready for the change.

In response to these claims, a lesbian couple posted a photo of them passionately kissing outside Marino’s office, both in a show of support for marriage equality and also speaking out against Marino’s comments. This has been met with quite a bit of support, as many people were enraged by the initial comments by Marino.

The image quickly went viral, generating a huge amount of views and shares as it spread like wildfire across social media. The image itself was posted by Kiandra Sproule, who is a friend of the couple.

She said: “In light of recent events and misguided comments, a friend of mine, Abby, couldn’t help but take a photo of herself, and her girlfriend, kissing each other in front of Nola Marino’s office on Victoria Street here in Bunbury.”

Naturally, Kiandra is a little taken back by how popular this photo has become, as discussed this in a recent interview on a local radio station. She said: “Essentially we all believe in marriage equality. The way that Nola Marino represented all of us in her comments misrepresented a lot of people. I personally felt what we did wouldn’t get as big a voice as it did. I was only expecting a handful of likes and a couple of shares. But it has completely taken off and with the attention it’s got we hope to do some good out of it. It’s such an important topic. It’s so debated – you’re hearing about it all the time.”

The message the popularity of this  message his clear: Marino doesn’t speak for as many people as she thinks, and this is further backed up by recent polls and studies that show a majority of Australian’s do support marriage equality. With any luck, this image will help get that message through loud and clear to Marino.

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