Lesbian Couples More Likely to Split than Gay Men

New figures published by the Irish Court Service show that lesbian couples are more likely to dissolve their civil partnerships.

According to their statistics, 6% of 2,071 civil partnerships (the pre-cursor to same-sex marriage) entered into 2011 and 2015 ended in dissolution.

However, their figures also showed a large difference between the amount of gay and lesbian couples ending their partnerships. Around 12% of lesbian couples ended their civil partnership, compared to just 2.4% of partnerships between gay men.

The report sadly doesn’t offer much in the way of reasoning for this trend, but it does follow what has been observed outside of the country.

Out of 1,298 gay civil partnerships, 31 of them ended with an application for dissolution. For lesbian couples, however, out of the 733 partnerships registered in Ireland, 88 applications had been made for dissolution by the end of last year.

Also, data from the Courts Service Annual Report for 2015 shows that divorce for heterosexual couples in Ireland is at the highest it’s ever been. Divorce applications rose 9% between 2014 and 2015, following a brief lull during the recession.

Last year,  4,314 applications for divorce were made, which beats the highest figure recorded in 2008 (4,257).

There was also a rise observed with judicial separation applications, which is a removal of the obligation to co-habit with your spouse. There were 1,419 such applications, an increase from 1,301 in 2014.

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Article Name
Lesbian Couples More Likely to Split than Gay Men
Figures show that lesbian couples are more likely to end their civil partnerships than gay men.