LGBT High School Opening In Atlanta

A new LGBT school offering kindergarten through 12th grade education is opening in Atlanta in September of this year. The new private school, Pride School Atlanta, was established to provide LGBT students with a “… safe, fun and rigorous learning environment free of homophobia and transphobia – a place that honors their identities so they can be themselves, find themselves, and find friends and mentors who can help them navigate the challenges of life and education.”

The school’s founder, Christian Zsilavetz created Pride School Atlanta to allow LGBT youth the ability to learn and be themselves free from discrimination and bullying. Zsilavetz explained:

“I think right now what a lot of (LGBT) students face is separate but equal education in public schools… Because if you can’t go to the bathroom all day and you can’t use the locker room and you’re bullied in the classroom and the teachers aren’t standing up for you, you don’t have a full seat at the table…. This is a place where they can just open up and be the best person they can be.”

In addition to LGBT youth, the school is also aimed at providing LGBT teachers and educators with a safe and accepting environment.

Pride School Atlanta’s tuition will be approximately $13,000 (nearly £9,000); however, financial aid will be offered to deserving students who do not have the means to pay.

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LGBT High School Opening In Atlanta
Article Name
LGBT High School Opening In Atlanta
A new LGBT school is opening in Atlanta to provide students with a learning environment that is safe and helps students be themselves.