LGBT+ row over Tory defector to the Liberal Democrats

Jennie Rigg, the chair of the Liberal Democrats LGBT+ group, has resigned over her party’s decision to welcome former Tory MP Doctor Phillip Lee into the party.

Doctor Lee crossed the floor of the House of Commons yesterday 3 September from the Tory benches to the Liberal Democrats in protest at the Brexit vote, thereby destroying Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s majority of one.

Ms Rigg pointed out that Lee had a poor record on LGBT+ rights, was opposed to same-sex marriage and is on record on saying that any immigrants to the UK should undergo an HIV test before being allowed into the country.

Ms Rigg described Lee as a homophobe and a xenophobe.

Announcing her resignation Ms Rigg tweeted: “Folks, I’m not going to join Labour, and I’m not going to join the Tories, and I’m not going to join any other political party.

“I’m just going to mourn the one I thought I had. Sorry to disappoint you all.”