LGBT Support Axed From Prison, Prison Says There Are no Lesbians in Prison

Yup, you read that right. A prison has axed it’s LGBT support, claiming that there are no lesbians in the prison.

The group is now only for GBT residents, saying that following a review there are “no women” within the prison. However, there has been quite the backlash following this decision, as people are arguing that if you recognise the “trans” part of LGBT, then there could be women within the prison.

For those wondering what prison this decision was made in, it was HMP Wakefield aka “monster mansion”, as it houses high risk inmates.

According to Adam Mac, an inmate who is currently serving out his sentence at Wakefield, said that discrimination is “unnoticed, unchallenged and unresolved”.

He wrote on the decision to axe the LGBT support group on his blog, Blogging Behind Bars, saying: ” HMP Wakefield has dropped an ‘L’ (and are) now holding regular ‘GBT’ forums.”

 “When asked why they did this the staff explained that, since there are no female prisoners here, there aren’t any lesbians, so there’s no need for an ‘L’. Well, since they kept the ‘T’ I’m guessing that they acknowledge the presence of transgender prisoners here.”

“I wonder how they feel about the claim that there are no female prisoners at this jail. I happen to know of at least one prisoner who self-identifies as female and openly states that they are attracted to women and are therefore a lesbian.”

He went on to stress that he doesn’t believe that the prison acted “out of malice”

“I don’t believe for a second that any of this is malice. It is simply ignorance of the issues at hand and a distinct lack of thought. Even the majority of prisoners pay these issues no attention, partly because it doesn’t affect them directly, and partly because, even when it does, there’s never been an outcry or furore following widescale violence, rioting, and deaths stemming from such kinds of discrimination in prison.”

Apparently, some have called into question as to why Adam is speaking out on LGBT issues when he himself is not affected by them. He anaswers this concern quite eloquently.

“On occasion I am asked by other prisoners why I am bothered by these things given that I am neither gay nor transgender etc. My answer is simple. I don’t have to be one of them. I don’t even have to agree with them.”

“I just have to accept that what they do is absolutely none my business, whilst remembering that I do know what it is like to be treated differently to others, in various ways, for no reason other than my personal beliefs and practices which are, in turn, no one else’s business. I don’t much care whether another person respects homosexuality or transgender issues per se. But I do oppose anyone who would treat a person as ‘lesser’ for no just reason.”

LGBT Support Axed From Prison, Prison Says There Are no Lesbians in Prison
Article Name
LGBT Support Axed From Prison, Prison Says There Are no Lesbians in Prison
An LGBT support group has been axed from a UK prison, after the prison found that there are no lesbians within the prison.