Lib Dem “comfortable with being gay”

Former Liberal Democrat MP Mark Oaten has told BBC Radio 5 Live that he is now gay and is “comfortable” with his sexuality.

The former MP for Winchester, who was once seen as a potential leader of the Liberal Democrats, quit politics 13 years ago after revelations that he had had a relationship with a male prostitute.

He told BBC Radio 5 Live: “I’m gay now and I am comfortable with being gay and I’m clear about my sexuality.

“I haven’t actually said it until now in an interview. It’s something which is difficult for me to say. It still feels difficult for me to say, but increasingly I’m comfortable and happy about that, and feel in a comfortable place to say that…

“I’ve got a partner, we live together. I have a group of great gay friends. I can be who I am now. I just wish I’d done it earlier.”

Oaten left the Liberal Democrat party last year.