Life is Strange | Square Enix Creates Anti-Bullying Campaign

For those you who might not be aware, Life is Strange is a kind of “choose your own adventure” story focused game, where you play as a young girl named Max Caulfield who has time travel powers.

Her journey takes her through many things, including trying to help a friend through bullying, and embarking on a potential relationship with an old girlfriend. Now Square Enix, the company who published the game, are using Life is Strange for something great.

They have teamed up with PACER, or Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights, in order to start a new anti-bullying venture. Beginning today and running until the end of January 19, Square will be donating to PACERs National Bullying Prevention Center for each tweet that features the Everyday Heroes hashtag.

All you need to do, is share your stories with the #everydayheroes added, or simply show your support with the hashtag.

Players of the excellent series will know the name “Everyday Hereos” well, as it’s the name of the photography competition that Max is supposed to enter near the start of the game.

Given that the game features a prominent bullying focused plot point, as well as touches of domestic violence and privacy issues, it’s rather nice to see Square re-purposing this for a rather awesome charitable venture.

You can watch a short video about this campaign, voiced by Ashley Burch, one of the main voice actors of the game below. You can also find out more at PACERs website. Have you followed us on Facebook and Twitter?

Life is Strange | Square Enix Creates Anti-Bullying Campaign
Article Name
Life is Strange | Square Enix Creates Anti-Bullying Campaign
Square Enix are utilising Life is Strange to create an anti-bullying campaign alongside PACER.