Like The Apple Watch? There’s A Good Chance You Are Gay.

The analytics firm, Infegy, came out with interesting new findings regarding smartwatches after following and analyzing social media data. Their results point out that the vast majority of people who are interested in certain products, such as the Apple Watch, are men, and a much higher proportion of them are gay.

The company tracked data from over 18 million consumers who talked online about smartwatches. An overwhelming number of the discussions, 86% to be exact, were specifically about the Apple Watch product. Furthermore, the people having those discussions were, by and large, male (89%).

The results also showed that a largely disproportionate number of these Apple Watch consumers were likely gay. This information can be deduced because these men were 6.6 times more likely than the general population to post information about LGBT topics and issues and visit websites that are valued in the gay community.

This isn’t a bad thing, as there are already Apple Watch apps designed for the LGBT community, such as Planet Romeo– a gay dating app that allows users to review user profiles, chat, and plan dates.

Maybe they are telling us what we already knew—many gay men are just ahead of the curve regarding tech and fashion.

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Article Name
Like The Apple Watch? There’s A Good Chance You Are Gay.
New findings show that Apple Watch consumers are overwhelmingly male and disproportionally gay.