London Mayor Sadiq Khan Pledges Support for Trans People

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has made two key pledges in support of transgender people: the promise to support trans police officers, as well as a roll-out of gender neutral toilets across the capital.

He made these comments, along with many others, in a recent interview with the Evening Standard, and during this he said that his vision of London is one with transgender people serving on the police force and non-gender specific toilets.

“‘Identity is an area that is evolving and developing and stuff, so I think you should respect people’s right to choose how they want to be indentified.”

There are some places in the UK that have gender neutral toilets, such as Lancaster University and The Sugarhouse nightclub at the University of Northampton.

The new Mayor, who is London’s first ever Muslim mayor, has made other promises for the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Build job opportunities for LGBTI people
  • Insist on zero tolerance for homophobic and transphobic hate crime
  • Spread mental health and HIV awareness
  • Strengthen protection for venues – has noted when London previously had a Labour mayor, there were 430 live music venues with many of them being LGBTI, and this was brought down to 245 under a Conservative mayor
  • Include trans in all areas of London public policy, involving trans people in decision making

Sadiq also touched on the interesting topic of “London-only visas” in the wake of the controversial Brexit results, as the capital city voted resoundingly to remain within the European Union.

He said: “‘We voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, and there are unique needs for London, which is why the Government needs to give us a seat at the table when it comes to negotiating.”

“We are a split country. One thing I can do in a position of power and influence is heal the rifts. I’m not suggesting we declare independence….[but] I do love the idea of being El Presidente!”

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan Pledges Support for Trans People
Article Name
London Mayor Sadiq Khan Pledges Support for Trans People
London Mayor Saqid Khan has made two key pledges of support for transgender people.