Ben Whishaw & Jim Broadbent Talk London Spy & It’s Gay Characters

London Spy, which is a spy drama miniseries starring Ben Whishaw, is not a “gay story” but rather a story about “guys who happen to be gay.”

These comments come fresh from Ben himself, who has been very busy dividing his time between London Spy and his role as Q in Spectre.

The show’s plot apparently grows from a gay love story, which is pretty different for mainstream spy thriller. Although, Ben (who takes on the role of Danny) also disagrees that London Spy can be strictly categorised as such.

“It doesn’t really feel like a spy thriller to me, although it sort of is. It’s broader than that, because it’s about a character who’s not within that world, about somebody who stumbles into it and to whom it’s alien and mystifying. So it doesn’t feel like a traditional spy drama in that sense. It’s more about his mind.”

Jim Broadbent, who plays Alex, also weighed in, saying: “…it’s not a gay story. It’s not about that. It’s about these particular guys, who happen to be gay, who are in the midst of this maelstrom of an unfolding tale.”

That certainly sounds like a great way to create a rich character with real depth. Their sexuality is obviously important, but here it is simply an element of both the main characters, rather than being the focus. How these two characters interact with each other, and the obstacles they face along their journey, will undoubtedly be coloured by their experiences as gay men, but their sexuality probably won’t be in the forefront.

That, alongside the high caliber actors and the interesting sounding premise, London Spy might be one to watch.  You can read the full interview over at The Guardian, here.

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Ben Whishaw and Jim Broadbent discuss the show and it's gay main characters.