Londoner Creates Gay-Friendly Tour Firm

A Londoner has created a dedicated travel firm for gay holidaymakers, after having too many “awkward experiences”.

The man behind this, Darren Burn, said that he and his now ex-boyfriend often found themselves in difficult and awkward situations while travelling.

“It is always in the back of your mind when you check in to a hotel that it might be difficult or you get awkward questions like ‘Do you want two single beds or separate rooms?’.”

“Also there are some countries where homosexuality is illegal or very much frowned upon and there isn’t really much information for gay people about gay-friendly options. I wanted to do something to change that.”

So now, he has created, which launched in a limited fashion last month. Anybody wishing to use the site can book everything from accomodation to a fully scheduled tour itinerary, and be safe in the knowledge that the site only uses gay-friendly places.

As well as this, OutofOffice also provides valuable information on the laws in each country it covers.

Darren said: “Customers can book flights and hotels through us or we can book absolutely everything. We can also give accurate advice to people about travelling in certain more difficult countries.”

“But we are not just for gay travellers. By implication, gay-friendly hotels will also be welcoming to straight couples. We want to be an inclusive company that books excellent holidays regardless of people’s sexual orientation.”

Darren’s website is backed by entrepreneurs Ross Marshall and Andrew Harding, who launched Your Golf Travel and

Ross Marshall had this to say: “There is currently great social demand for this project within a clearly identified niche worth £6 billion a year in the UK and $85 billion in the US. With the legalisation of gay marriage in the UK and in many countries worldwide, there is great potential for us to lead the way in the gay honeymoon market.”

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