Louis C.K. On Parkland Shooting Survivors and Gender Identity

A 48-minute recording of Comedian Louis C.K. was leaked on YouTube this past weekend, on which he made distasteful jokes about the Parkland Shooting Survivors and people dealing with gender identity issues. The audio is from a set he delivered on December 16th at the Governor’s Comedy Club in Levittown, NY. He first goes on to say that the Parkland Shooting Survivors are “boring.” He then stresses his dismay about the new attitudes towards gender identity saying, “They tell you what to call them. ‘You should address me as they or them because I identify as gender neutral. You should address me as there because I identify as a location and the location is your mother’s c—.’ “ C.K. only just came back to the comedy scene over the last few months, after his reputation was ruined when he admitted to sexual harassment and misconduct against multiple women. At the end of the set in New York, C.K. acknowledged that he knows his jokes and comments will create some controversy, but he stressed that he has little to lose by doing so.