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Located in the beautiful and peaceful Pacific Northwest, Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM) has been helping create LGBT families from around the world since 1989. Founded with the goal of building the best fertility program possible, ORM is recognised globally for its consistently high live birth success rates and individualised care. We are committed to innovation that benefits our patients and helps achieve the best outcomes for them. In recent years we have experienced a 90% live birth rate with over 70% twins in our donor egg surrogacy program.

We truly understand that our work has a profound effect on the lives and hopes of our patients and their loved ones. Every member of the nearly 100 strong ORM team believe that “Love is Family” and we are honoured to help those that choose ORM on their important journey to grow their family.

Our Doctors

ORM’s global practice is led by Dr John Hesla and Dr Brandon Bankowski who are each internationally recognised for their professional excellence and commitment to improving the reproductive care of their patients. Together they have helped patients from over 40 countries create their families.  Both completed their training at Johns Hopkins Hospital, which during their tenures there was ranked #1 for reproductive medicine in the USA for more than 20 years.

Dr Hesla joined ORM in 1999 when he co-founded its IVF program. He was instrumental in building ORM’s pioneering embryology laboratory clean room, one of the first in the world. Dr Hesla continues daily to push that high level of innovation and excellence in our stellar laboratory.

Dr Bankowski joined ORM in 2005 and he co-founded its industry-leading in-house genetics laboratory. Dr Bankowski strives to help patients achieve the best success while caring for the genetic health of their family through increased awareness, screening and the utilisation of state of the art genetic and chromosomal testing.

Our Team

ORM’s dedicated nursing staff is the heart and soul of our practice. This team of professionals is highly-regarded around the world for their individualised and compassionate care. In addition to our clinical team, the entire ORM family – including our embryologists, genetic counselors, psychologists, patient coordinators, donor coordinators, and financial counselors among others – cherish the work they do each day with our families.

At ORM we know that many of our global patients have specific and different needs. We have a dedicated team within ORM focused on our international patients. They bring their special expertise and personal touch to help international patients through their journeys to parenthood. This extends to our on-the-ground ORM team members in some countries, including in the UK.

Our Embryology Laboratory

Professionals working within the field of assisted reproductive medicine are constantly striving to make an in vitro environment for embryos that is as close to the conditions inside the human body as possible. When embryos are growing inside a woman’s uterus they are protected from potential hazards in the air and otherwise by the body surrounding them, but when an embryo is growing in a culture dish in the laboratory, it does not have that level of protection. With this in mind, in 1999, we built The Reproductive Medicine Laboratory here at ORM utilising the expertise of engineers who design clean room facilities at Intel. This industry-leading facility and the work of our phenomenal embryologists is one of the key ingredients to our consistently high live birth success rates for patients.

Genetics at ORM

The understanding of genetics and the variety of tests available are both expanding rapidly. We believe that our patients should feel empowered to make informed decisions based on the latest technology and with accurate, up-to-date, and easy to understand information. Uniquely among many clinics, ORM has an in-house state-of-the-art genetics testing laboratory and a highly-experienced team of full-time, in-house genetics counselors.

We automatically test everyone that is contributing egg and sperm for the creation of an embryo for 100 recessive gene carrier diseases. This is significantly more comprehensive than standard practice among many clinics. We help our patients understand these results at the outset so that they can make the best choices for their families.

In addition, we are able to provide patients the most advanced chromosomal testing of embryos to best ensure that we only transfer ones that have tested normal. This further increases the chances of success for a healthy baby.

 Egg Donation and Surrogacy

We are proud to have an in-house egg donor program at ORM for those needing donor eggs. Our program is overseen by our physicians and clinical staff. We help our patients match with our fully pre-screened – medically, genetically, psychologically – donors and this helps them have a smoother process with fewer uncertainties. We believe that ORM egg donors go through the most extensive screening around and only 7% that apply pass our exacting standards. This is a key factor in our high success rates for patients using ORM donor eggs.

ORM has a core team that specialises in supporting our families who are working with gestational surrogates. We have longstanding relationships with some of the best surrogacy agencies in the USA.  We are able to help patients and their surrogates and egg donors seamlessly through their unique and complex journeys.

LGBT Families

ORM has a large LGBT community and all our staff has been specifically chosen and trained to be sensitive and aware of the needs of our LGBT patients. We work with both gay male couples, usually through egg donor surrogacy, and lesbian couples, who might typically utilise intrauterine insemination but also sometimes IVF. Doctors Hesla and Bankowski travel the world to speak about LBGT parenting, meet prospective LGBT parents, and share their vast experience. Both cherish their global following of LGBT patients and parents and the entire ORM team is honoured to have helped so many LGBT individuals around the world realise their dreams of creating a family.

And we love Pride! ORM is proud to show our support for LGBT families at Portland Pride and around the world from Tel Aviv to Shanghai to London!

Made in Oregon

Made In Oregon

When our patients visit Portland, “City of Roses”, we enjoy sharing with them everything that makes our home so special. We love offering our favorite suggestions and ORM’s partner hotels provide special ORM rates.

Portland is blessed with fresh, local, organic cuisine, among which is the best wine, beer and coffee in the Pacific Northwest. A walkable city with many neighbourhoods ideal for strolling, window-shopping and café-hopping, Portland is home to the largest US urban woodland. Our airport is ranked #1 by travellers and we’re connected with excellent public transportation. Many hotels have “lend a bike” programs.

Often ORM patients also explore beyond Portland. Oregon offers amazing sites whether you visit the Pacific Coastline or Cascade Mountains, both only an hour away, or the deserts of Eastern Oregon.

And Oregon is one of the few tax-free states for shopping, food and beverage. Great for all those baby needs!

We hope to welcome you to ORM in Portland and to help you build your family!

ORM’s dedicated team includes a representative in the UK providing personal support to UK intended parents.

You can schedule a Skype consultation with Dr. Bankowski & Dr.Hesla by contacting:

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