Malaysia Won’t Protect LGBT People Because Of Islam, Says PM

The Prime Minister of Malaysia has said that the rights of LGBT people may not be protected and cited Islam as the cause.

Najib Razak made these comments at the international Islamic moderation seminar in Bangi Selangor, and said that while his administration will adopt some human rights protections, but they will not have the ones that conflict with Islam.

When touching on the topic of LGBT rights, he said that some of the “more extreme aspects of human rights” would not be defended in Malaysia.

Malay Mail reported him as saying: “Although universal human rights have been defined, we still define human rights in the country in the context of Islam and the Shariah. Even though it is difficult to defend internationally, we must defend our definition of human rights. And even if we cannot defend human rights at an international level, we must defend it in the Islamic context.”


The comments have been met with criticism from the Human Rights Watch, as the organisation’s Asia deputy director Phil Robertson said that he was shocked by this move.

“The logical argument from that would be Malaysia should resign from the UN. Is Malaysia prepared to do that?”

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