Mama Director In Talks To Direct IT Remake

We all know that sadly, Cary Fukunaga is no longer directing the IT remake, after apparently leaving over budget and creative disagreements.

Now, after New Line halted production of the film, they are looking to get their hands on a replacement. It seems that they have their eyes set on Mama director Andrés Muschietti.

Mama was met with mixed reviews, but was a fairly good success for Andrés and really put him on the map. Part of that was thanks to Guillmero de Toro, but you can’t take away Mama’s success from him.

So, if New Line want IT to be done on a low budget (given the pretty much non-existent budget of this original, which hampered Stephen King’s original ending, that seems possible), Andrés might be just the man.

It does seem though, that the difference in direction will mean a change of the story, or at least a change in the way the story is presented. Of course, without knowing what Fukunaga’s version was, it’s hard to say how bad (or good) that is. As a Stephen King fan, I would prefer minimal changes to the story. The changes to the time period are, in my mind, perfectly fine and other such small changes would be okay – as long as the core story remains.

The people still working on the project, which includes producers Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg are searching for a writer who can tailor the screenplay for Andrés. Who knows where this leaves the remake, and  who knows whether or not they are going to have to redo whatever work Fukunaga did, as production was originally scheduled to start in June.

The choice of director is definitely key, but we all know what is the second most key element: the actor who plays Pennywise. Tim Curry’s performance was absolutely stellar in the original, and to be honest, it saved it from being pretty subpar. The rest of the adult actors are very poor, and the film in general has not aged well.

So who could possibly fill his shoes? My first thoughts go to Steve Buscemi and Willem Dafoe, but word was that Will Poulter was to play Pennywise before Fukunaga left. He may still remain, but for the moment the whole production is unfortunately in limbo.