Man Forced Trans Stepdaughter To Have Sex For 13 Years

A man from Australia has admitted to forcing his transgender stepdaughter into sex, about a year after beginning her transition.

The man, who’s identity has not been disclosed, sexually abused his stepdaughter around 3-4 times per week and also threatened to financially ruin her mother if she didn’t’ co-operate.

Prosecutor John Livitsanos spoke to the court, saying: “He would tell the complainant she was his second wife and she should be happy because not many men would want to be with a woman like her – referring to the fact that she was transgender. She did not know how to make him stop.”

This abuse began in 2002, about a year after the young woman had surgery her transition, and continued for 13 years.

When he first attempted to kiss her, he said: “I just can’t help myself, you’ve become such a beautiful woman.”

Initially, he was rebuffed by the young woman, but kept on, saying: “I know you’ve wanted this since your operation.”

There was even an occasion where the man took the stepdaughter to a hotel for their “honeymoon”, with the intention of full on intercourse. Since the young woman had not yet been sexually active, she tried to plead that she “wasn’t ready”. Horribly, the man forced himself on her anyway.

As I mentioned previously, he hung the threat of financial ruin of her mother if the young woman dared speak up. Although it took many years for the young woman to fight against the abuse, she eventually manage to stop him by filming the abuse with her iPad.

This footage led to his arrest, and he has since plead guilty to four counts of incest and now faces up to 25 years in prison, according to the Australia Associated Press. The young woman’s brother read a statement from her, saying how her stepfather had “stole my life and I feel watered down to the bone”.

The plea hearing continues, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for the maximum sentence.

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Man Forced Trans Stepdaughter To Have Sex For 13 Years
Article Name
Man Forced Trans Stepdaughter To Have Sex For 13 Years
A man has admitted to forcing his trans stepdaughter to have sex for 13 years.