Man Seeks Asylum but Fails to Prove He Is Gay

Robert Kityo, a 35-year-old gay man from Uganda is seeking asylum in the UK, as homosexuality is outlawed in his home country. In fact, Kityo fears for his life.

Kityo told The Independent: “I’m very scared. I’m a gay man and in Manchester I am able to be who I am. I have made many friends here who accept me and love me. But I’m frightened that I will be killed if I am sent back to Uganda. It isn’t safe to be a gay man in Uganda.”

In his homeland, Kityo and his partner were jailed for some time, and there is currently a warrant for his arrest in the event that he returns. This is why he is requesting asylum.

Unfortunately, his request was rejected by the Home Office, and he was taken to a deportation centre. The Home Office stated: “It is not accepted that you are a homosexual and an openly gay man.” This statement issued despite the fact that Kityo is an active member of many LGBT groups and originations in the area.

To fight the Home Office’s decision, a petition signed by over 1,900 individuals also pled his case in hopes that he could stay in Manchester. After an appeal from Kityo’s attorney, the Home Office is now taking a further look at his case.

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Man Seeks Asylum but Fails to Prove He Is Gay
Article Name
Man Seeks Asylum but Fails to Prove He Is Gay
A 35-year-old man seeking asylum in the UK is told that he has not proven himself to be a homosexual.