Marc Jacobs, Engaged!

Marc Jacobs, high-end fashion designer, and his long-time partner, Char Defrancisco, love to celebrate their birthdays at Mexican food chain Chipotle. This year, for Defrancisco’s birthday which was on April 4th, the couple left the restaurant with more than just chips and salsa- they got engaged at Chipotle! Marc Jacobs planned a flash-job proposal at their favorite restaurant, with the mob dancing along to Prince’s famous song, Kiss. Upon the the flash mob finishing their routine, Defrancisco found his now-fiance down on one knee, asking for his hand in marriage. Defrancisco was surprised, and didn’t waste much time before saying yes, as the couple kissed and embraced in celebration. The excited couple shared the video along with their gratitude on Instagram, thanking those who helped create a memorable proposal experience for Marc Jacobs and “the love of his life.”