Margaret Cho Joins Fashion Police and Blasts Ab Fab

E just announced that self-professed queer, Margaret Cho, will be joining Fashion Police just in time for the start of the busy award season. Cho’s humor is so raunchy, racy and completely candid, that there is no telling what she will do or say now that her occasional guest spot is now a permanent fixture on the show.

Fashion Police has been a mess since the tragic passing of Joan Rivers. Rivers’ death was followed by the unsuccessful hiring and quick departure of Kathy Griffin and then the firing of Kelly Osbourne. Margaret Cho joins fellow co-hosts Guliana Rancic, Brad Goreski, and Melissa Rivers, and we’re sure E hopes she will bring with her the legions of LGBT fans she has amassed as a comic.

Margaret Cho considers herself queer because it is “the most fitting description, short and concise, and really to-the-point.” During an interview with LGBT Hollywood, Cho made a joke of what her mother thought of her bisexuality. “I don’t understand,” Cho said, mimicking her mother. “I know gay. I know straight. Bi, I don’t know. You just greedy.”

Cho is not one for mincing words. Earlier this week, she made headlines for blasting Ab Fab for being racist, after the filmmakers picked a white actor to play a Japanese character. The character Cho is up in arms about is a male, Japanese fashion designer named Huki Muki. Producers selected Scottish actress, Janette Tough, for the role.

Cho went on Twitter to proclaim her disgust:

“Have some respect. Hire Asian actors 4 Asian roles. I’m not going to name the production but I’m DISGUSTED!”

“I’ll name the production using #YELLOWFACE – I’m upset because I love them. It’s AbFab – I really was looking forward to it too. That’s sad.”

“#YELLOWFACE is racism. Sorry. It’s unacceptable. Not now. I was thrilled about #abfabmovie but now I just can’t be. I’m very disappointed.”

We can’t wait to see what she says when Fashion Police returns on January 11th.

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Margaret Cho Joins Fashion Police and Blasts Ab Fab
Article Name
Margaret Cho Joins Fashion Police and Blasts Ab Fab
Margaret Cho joins E’s Fashion Police, discusses her sexuality, and blasts the Absolutely Fabulous movie.