Marriage Equality To Increase US Tourism By 9%, Claim Experts

Experts have made a very interesting claim, saying that the ruling in favour of same-sex marriage from the US Supreme Court will increase tourism by 9%.

This is according to a study Global LGBT2030 by Out Now, and suggests that marriage equality could bring an extra 1.3 million LGBTQ+ tourists to various places within the US, spending $4,25 billion (£2,72 billion or €3,826 billion).

This includes a few of our own tourists, as they estimate that 168,000 UK tourists will bring in approximately £353,000 ($550,000 or €495,230).

Not exactly small change! It will be interesting to see how accurate this report ends up being, but I definitely think the show of support to equality will definitely encourage more LBGTQ+ people to travel to the US.