Martin Shkreli Fakes Injury For Attention, Gets None

Remember Martin Shkreli? The “charming” individual who rose the price of  HIV drug Daraprim 5000%, before backtracking and rethinking? Well he’s back again.

This time, though, his antics are less profoundly damaging and more amusing. Events began when Shkreli donated $2,700 to Bernie Sanders after he received an email soliciting donations. But, he soon found that Bernie had returned his donation.

Michael Briggs, who is a spokesperson for the Sanders campaign, had this to say: “We are not keeping the money from this poster boy for drug company greed.”

Shkreli didn’t take this news well, and a series of amusing tweets followed.







Following this tweet of his apparently fractured wrist, it was quickly discovered that this image was fake. Gawker did a reverse image search on it, and obviously discovered that it wasn’t a real X-ray of Shkreli’s wrist. He then tweeted an image of himself wearing a wrist brace, but the people on Twitter weren’t fooled.



After that, the fractured wrist posts abruptly stopped and Shkreli quickly returned to trolling Bernie Sanders’ twitter account. Piece of advice from me, Martin: keep your toys in the pram next time.

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Martin Shkreli Fakes Injury For Attention, Gets None
Article Name
Martin Shkreli Fakes Injury For Attention, Gets None
Martin Shkreli, the CEO behind the 5000% Daraprim price rise, tried to get attention by faking an injury.