Mary Lambert Announced As Headliner For Largest LGBT Christian Conference

Singer-songwriter Mary Lambert will be at the Gay Christian Network’s 12th annual conference for a private concert.

The event will be taking place in Houston, Texas on January 7, and runs until January 10 with an expected attendance of 1,500 people.

For those of you who are perhaps unaware, the Gay Christian Network is interdenominational nonprofit organisation, which educates Christians worldwide to support LGBT people and their loved ones. They have an online community that is nearly 30,000 strong with various resources on the intersections of sexuality, gender, and Christianity.

The Gay Christian Network said, via a press release: “Through workshops and keynote presentations, attendees are as likely to discuss ways to biblically strengthen their same-sex marriages as they are to learn about ways to live out celibacy, tackle homophobia in their church, provide much-needed support to their LGBT children, or live a fulfilling faith life as a transgender Christian.”

They have people from both sides of the discussion, what they call “side A” (those who support same-sex marriage), and “side B” (those who believe marriage is strictly between a man and a woman).

Thanks to this balanced approach, the number of people attending the conference doubled last year, going from 700 to 1,400 attendees. Unfortunately, they also drew the eye of the hate group Westboro Baptist Church, which protested last year’s conference.

Justin Lee, executive director of the Gay Christian Network, spoke on how there are many LGBT Christians out there: “Christians continue to be strongly divided on LGBT issues, but there are LGBT people in every denomination, including those with the most anti-LGBT reputations.”

“The GCN Conference is a unique opportunity for families, church leaders, and individuals on all sides of this debate to listen to and get to know one another. This is where we learn to love each other in spite of our disagreements and work together for a better world for everyone. In our polarized climate, there‚Äôs nothing else like it.”

If you’re interested in attending, registration is now open, which you can find by clicking here.