Mary Poppins Sequel – Emily Blunt In Talks For Lead Role

Remember about that slightly unexpected Mary Poppins sequel? Well, according to Variety, actress Emily Blunt is in talks for the role of Mary Poppins herself.

The key phrase there is in talks, which obviously means nothing is set in stone. This is partially down to scheduling, and the fact that Emily is expecting her second child.

As we know, Rob Marshall is set to direct with John DeLuca and Marc Plat producing. Apparently, Emily has been a favourite since they all worked together on Into the Woods, so they even be able to change the schedule to secure her role.

It has also been confirmed by inside sources that the setting for Mary Poppins 2 will be Depression-era London, making it 20 years after the first film. It will also be taking storylines from P.L. Travers’ children books, which focused on Mary Poppins’ further adventures with the Banks family.

Whether or not Emily will be able to compare to the original performance by Julie Andrews is something that we will have to wait to find out, but she does have quite the range. Emily has appeared in comedies such as The Devil Wears Prada, to much more serious affairs like Sicario and The Edge of Tomorrow.

Do you think Emily be able to fill Julie’s shoes? And who would you pick to take on the role originally done by Dick Van Dyke?

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Remember that Mary Poppins sequel? Emily Blunt is in talks for the lead role, apparently.