Mass kiss-in at Brighton Sainsbury's scheduled for today

A mass "Big Consensual Kiss-In" is being organised at a Sainsbury's store in Brighton after a lesbian couple were allegedly asked to leave for kissing.

Annabelle Paige, a student at the University of Sussex, was kissing her girlfriend in the store when a security guard asked them to stop because a customer had complained that it was "disgusting" and that she "feared" for her child.

The supermarket later apologised and donated to a charity of Ms Paige's choice.

Member of the University of Sussex Students' Union (USSU) have invited supporters to attend a kiss-n outside the New England Street store today at 6pm.

Writing on Facebook, Michael Segalov, the USSU Communications Officer said: "Sainsbury's have donated a pitiful £100 to charity to apologise, however their profits for the year to March 15 were £898m. Doesn't sound like they are serious about tackling homophobia, does it?

"Join us for a BIG KISS IN on Wednesday evening, 6pm, to show Sainsbury's we won't accept homophobia in our society, and that we demand they do more!"