Mayors And Governors Ban Government Travel To Mississippi And North Carolina

The Governors of New York, Washington State, and Vermont have banned all official travel (state funded or sponsored) to Mississippi earlier this week.  Similar actions were taken by New York and Washington against North Carolina.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo explained: “Discrimination is not a New York value. We believe our diversity is our greatest strength, and we will continue to reject the politics of division and exclusion…This Mississippi law is a sad, hateful injustice against the LGBT community, and I will not allow any non-essential official travel to that state until it is repealed.”

In addition to the Governors, mayors of cities have also spoken out against this discrimination.  Chicago Mayor (and former Chief of Staff to President Obama) Rahm Emanuel recently announced that he was drafting an executive order that would officially ban his city’s government employees from traveling to North Carolina on city business.

These public officials join the myriad of companies and entertainers who are refusing to work in Mississippi and/or North Carolina until the states stop discriminating against LGBT.  Kudos to these elected officials for taking a stand and doing what is right.

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The governors of various states are taking it upon themselves to ban all official travel to Mississippi and New York.