Meet Code Black, The Medical Drama With An Indian Lesbian MD

Medical dramas are seemingly a genre that will never go away, as it has been proven many times now that it works as a formula, and even short lived shows such as Emily Owns, M.D can pull in a serious amount of viewers.

But, Code Black definitely sounds like it’s one worth giving a shot. Not only do we have Marcia Gay Harden as the lead (she is probably best known for her recent work in How to Get Away With Murder), but we also have the aforementioned lesbian M.D featured in the show.

So, so far that’s two reasons to at least give the pilot a try.

In the pilot, you will be introduced to the main characters, Marcia as Dr. Leanne Rorish, Luis Guzmán as the lovable Jesse Sallande and  Melanie Chandra as Malaya Pineda, the lesbian MD.

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There is another thing to take into consideration as to why this show might be worth watching. They aren’t flaunting Malaya’s sexuality from the get go, and apparently it has no mention in the season premiere. Another thing that has me interested, which is seperate from the character of Malaya, is that this show is not like the heightened and romantic stories you find in Grey’s Anatomy or House. As much as I love House, it’s great to see a medical drama at least trying to focus on the very real and very stressful situations of an emergency room.

According to the information available, we don’t learn about Malaya’s sexuality until episode three, and don’t meet her girlfriend (played by Shiri Appleby) until episode six.

Personally, I’m going to give Code Black a try, it sounds interesting, different and hopefully – intelligent. I may even review it – but no promises.

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Meet Code Black, The Medical Drama With An Indian Lesbian MD
Article Name
Meet Code Black, The Medical Drama With An Indian Lesbian MD
Code Black may just be a medical drama worth watching, and not just because it has an Indian lesbian M.D.